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Tour Code :PER013IST
Tour Name :White Rose Night Show
Duration :AKŞAM | 21:00 - 22:45
Available Languages :EN


The tour starts by picking-up from the hotel and guests are transported to the show venue


White Rose is name of freed Ottoman concubine who experienced extraordinary love affair with Dutch Consul during Tulip period in 18th century. We invite you to witness this true love story and Ottoman harem life through dance, music, video and amazing costumes in beautiful historic place


Hojiapasha Culture Centre is located at the heart of Historical peninsula of Istanbul and was converted from a 550 years old historical Turkish bath called Hocapaşa Hamamı in 2008. It was originally built by Hoca Sinan Paşa, teacher and later vizier to Fatih Sultan Mehmet during 1470’s. It was a double bath for both men and women, comparatively big, with high dome, made of cut stone and corner walls designed like a peacock tail. This building served as a Turkish bath till 1988. 
Location of the area is called Sirkeci which is next to Topkapı Palace Walls, Sirkeci Train Station formerly known also as Orient Express Train Station and Sultanahmet Area.


Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, Ross and Rachel, these are love stories you just can't help falling for. There was one more, not so well known but nevertheless, not less romantic. 
The theatrical dance show “White Rose” explores the extraordinary affair between freed Ottoman concubine called White Rose and the Dutch Consul. 
This specular dance production combines traditional dances with modern choreography, electric costumes and a 360-degree video projection for special effects.


The story begins with the arrival of the Dutch ambassador Cornelis Calkoen in 1726 in Constantinople. Calkoen meets the beautiful Beyazgül Hanim - Turkish for White Rose, a Circassian ex-slave. Their love, though not really legal, was considered to be ‘the ultimate love.’ It was an extraordinary affair. This was the period called “The Tulip Period” (Lale Devri) when the Ottoman palace was indulging in worldly pleasures with days-long parties, celebrations, spectacular circumcision festivities on the Golden Horn lasting for 40 days. Such a lifestyle naturally ushered in libertarian attitudes and thus the love affair between the White Rose and the Dutch ambassador was condoned by the authorities. The Dutch historian and turkologist Armand Sag writes that the Ottoman chronicles refers to the White Rose as a “released slave.”

It is said that Calkoen had an inlaid miniature of White Rose’s portrait on his gold-and-diamond snuff box which the aristocrats used to carry around as a status symbol during those times.

But all good things come to an end; and after 18 years of being ambassador for Ottoman Empire, Calkoen was recalled to the Netherlands. He promised his beloved to return and asked her to wait for him. But things turn out totally different than expected. 

The fate did not participate and the Dutch was forced to stay away from Istanbul nineteen years. When at last he got a new appointment to Constantinople Calkoen was 67 years old.  But before arrival, Calkoen, who at all times remained true to his one and only love, suddenly died.

He was unmarried and without any children, maybe a sign of his faithfulness to his lover. Beyazgül, who never received notice of the death of her beloved, waited in vain at the gates of the Dutch Embassy in Constantinople, as the story is told. Eventually, she also died in front of the building. In remembrance of their ultimate love, a statue of a sleeping Beyazgül was placed in the garden of the Dutch consulate. 
As legend says, Beyazgül is still waiting for Calkoen. At night, her spirit walks around in the consulate in search of her one and only love.


- Return transportation to/from the pier by fully air-conditioned, non-smoking vehicle 
- Entrance fee to the show 
- Free Multilanguage explanation booklet 
- Free Refreshment including tea, Turkish Coffee, water and juice


- Any personal expenses 
- Pick-up / drop-off from/to the hotels 
- Any extras like DVD, etc.


- Duration of show is 90 minutes with 15 minutes intermission 
- Children under the age of 7 are not accepted 
- Seats are numbered, first booked first served

Perfomance Calendar: 
- March 26, Sat
- April 23, Sat
- May 21, Sat
- June 25, Sat
- July 23, Sat
- August 20, Sat
- September 24, Sat
- October 22, Sat

Transfer from hotel to the venue & vs. IS NOT included albeit it can be booked additionally at the cost of €65 per vehicle/return from / to centrally located hotels

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